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Oct 13

Teleporter Prefab (Objects)

Oct 06

Hazy Evening Skybox (Skyboxes)

Oct 05

Green Light Skybox (Skyboxes)

Oct 04

Cloudy Night Skybox (Skyboxes)

Starry Night Skybox (Skyboxes)

Sep 15


Well, I have begun an endeavor to put together a tutorial for the tutsplus site.

I never could have imagined the amount of work that goes into this and will be happy to present to the community when complete :)

What is the tutorial? You must wait and see but I am thrilled by the subject matter and presenting something new to the marketplace

When will it be released? Looking to post the end of this month so it should be available to the public the 1st week of September

Excited? Yes, this is going to a nice touch I think to the 3D community in general

Sep 12



Really cool!



Really cool!

Sep 04

So far my BEST SELLING item on videohive :) Thank you all for supporting me :)

So far my BEST SELLING item on videohive :) Thank you all for supporting me :)

Sep 03

myTouch Slide

Ok first I want to say that coming from the myTouch 3g I am very happy with the speed and responsive nature of the slide. With that said however I am disappointed in how fast the battery drains with very little usage. Also I seriously do not like all the T-Mobile junk pre-installed on the phone - got rid of myFavs, the built in Twitter and Facebook clients as well.

Do I like the phone? Yes

Would I like to see the 2.2 Froyo update? Yes

Do I think the update will happen anytime soon? No and we possibly will never see it.

Overall impression is good 7 out of 10

Aug 29

Timelapse Clouds 01 (Time Lapse)